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Monday, October 16, 2006

D*mn site blocking at work!

... it seems every weekend the powers that be here at work decide to block more and more sites that I can view here at work.

The latest casuality is Why block flickr?! I have several of my own photos on there, and it's where alot of my friends upload theirs, too. Now I have to wait til I get home til I can look at any. Plus I just did a little experiment. I can still goto Photobucket, Webshots, Kodak, and several other photo-sharing websites. Why just block one of them?!

Now I know what some people may say; you should be working at work, not surfing the internet. Well, you can bite me. I work my arse off here in the office and if I want to take a 15 minute break to look at some friends photos, I should be able to do so from my office! Flickr also has a great "explore" feature where you can browse great random photos from around the world.

I almost feel like it's some kind of censorship. But I understand I work for a corporation and it's either their rules or find another job. Oh well. Not the end of the world. Just curious what they're going to block next -! If they want to get more productivity out of the employees they should block all those fantasy football sites - I know some people here that are on those sites for 2 to 3 hours a day!


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